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Meet Ms. Sara Wolff


Please meet Miss Sara Wolff…

How I started in Self-Advocacy! Introducing my new Contact information and title:

Sara WolffI was first introduced into Self-Advocacy when I was approached from a self-advocate on the NDSS Board in 2003. I was a newcomer and didn’t know much about it. NDSS helped me learn the importance of Advocacy and its works. This experience leads me to become more involved on the subject and therefore, I also became involved with The Arc.

I was 21 years old, when I first got on the Arc’s Board of Directors and the Pennsylvania State Board in Harrisburg. I feel really old because it’s been 7-8 years on the State Board and 9 years on this Board of Directors. What am I doing now with the local Arc is volunteering once a week and working on something I love doing and that is Self-Advocacy. Now, I am the coordinator of Self-Advocacy and Self-Advocacy Services.

To learn more about Self-Advocacy or need help in accessing Self-Advocacy Services contact me at my new email, my cell 570-815-4551 directly or here at the Arc 570-346-4010.


Definitions: Self-Advocacy
Self-Advocacy is an international movement, which focuses on many different issues. Organizations such as People First, The Arc, and many other community-based organizations are creating avenues for people to take more control over their lives.

Self-Advocacy means knowing your rights and taking responsibility of your life. People who speak up for themselves are called “Self-Advocates”. Once one learns how to speak up for themselves, one can assist others to do so as well.


Future Events to look for:

Getting together with self-advocates with disabilities and people without disabilities and share information to each other and have a great time.

Bowling Program called Bowling Buddies with college student’s teaming up with self-advocates and individuals with different disabilities.


I’m currently working on a newsletter and a brochure for information sharing for people with IDD and people without disabilities.

I’m putting together a self-advocacy handbook and bunch of other information to share.

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